Spotlight on CrowdInspect’s Reasonable Steps Accredited Investor Verification Solution

CrowdInspect process

Our Reasonable Steps Accredited Investor Verification service assists private-equity/hedge funds, start-ups, on-line platforms and traditional companies with the verification requirements of advertised private placement (506(c) private placements).   The new rules require that issuers under 506(c) take “reasonable steps” to confirm that their investors meet the accredited investor requirements prior to any funding.  Our goal is to minimize the burden and expense of compliance with this requirement through our Reasonable Steps Accredited Investor Verification Service.

The CROWDINSPECT added value:

  • Reduce your risk and liability by having an independent, trusted 3rd party handle the accreditation process as well as store and safeguard sensitive investor data.
  • Focus on your business rather than spending time, energy and resources navigating the accredited investor rules.
  • Improve your investor onboarding experience and reduce dropouts with our streamlined, investor friendly process.


  • Best in class risk reduction— We have developed a protocol for accredited investor certification which has been vetted by numerous legal and regulatory experts in this area.  In addition, we can  tailor the protocol to meet specific needs of the issuer.
  • Bank level security— We are in the business of protecting the most sensitive data.   We have implemented various bank level security features (including data encryption, 2-factor authentication and 3rd party system audits) to safeguard the security of the data.
  • Flexible technology— We can seamlessly integrate into your existing processes and offer brandable gateway sites or a full API integration.

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